Onyx Concept New 2013 Porsche Panamera Onyx GST

2013 Porsche Panamera Onyx GST Onyx Concept New 2013 Porsche Panamera Onyx GST

The all new GST edition of Porsche Panamera has finally been announced by Onyx Concept. The body kit at stage one, which is priced at $16, 999 has many accessories. It has brand new bumpers, wheel arches that have been extended and revised editions of side skirts. There are others good features that come along with the car. There’s a great rear spoiler, a fiber diffuser made of carbon, exhaust tips that are newly customized, as well as the new lights that run during daytime as well.

Stage two sees the other additions that have been made to the spectacular vehicle. This dual package comes at a price of $ 23, 599 dollars. It adds a sporty looking superb hood that is ventilated as well, vents located at the front fender position, a fin that is mounted on the roof, as well as mirror caps that are made of carbon fiber.

There are various options that are given to the customers before buying the vehicle. For instance, it has a great finished paint done on its body, leather interiors can be quilted for adding extra comfort, and floor mats can be added that are made of lamb wool.

Thus, the new Porsche is all about style and comfort.


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