The Super Classic Model: 2013 Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport

2013 Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport The Super Classic Model: 2013 Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport

The new release by Vauxhall has replaced the old 325PS Insignia VXR. This high performing car, VXR Supersport, can achieve 170mph more than the former. However, the price of this new beauty is less by £ 3,760 than the older version of the model. The new model is prices at £29,995.

This new car can produce more power and can achieve much higher speed than any other car in UK. Even the newcomers of the market do not produce such efficiency. The BMW series also fails in this regard. However, this new Vauxhall model has done it. At a price of less than £ 30,000, it brings forth the greatest driving experience one can think of.

The car does not have any speed limiter. It provides great potential in terms of performance. It has certain visual identifiers, such as the blue ‘Brembo’ which is lettered on the front of the brake calipers, gives us ample evidence about the great performance and the great look that the car is going to provide the owner.

This new model is however not the first Vauxhall which has set forward such a speed limit to the customers. The C 10 Prince Henry, the first sports car that was produced by Vauxhall, also showed star performances. The makers of the car used to provide the customers or the buyers with a guarantee certificate, saying that the speed of the car has actually been tested and verified on troublesome roads and circuits in Brook land.

The new Vauxhall model has been based keeping in mind the above fact. The car is featured by an all-wheel-drive capability, which has been put to excellent use by the makers. The features of the car are bound to awe the customers, and with a low price it is expected to steal the show at every point.


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