Volkswagen Amarok(2013) features modified engine and technology

2013 Volkswagen Amarok Volkswagen Amarok(2013) features modified engine and technology

Volkswagen has recently declared their plans of offering an Amarok. This vehicle will be fitted with a BiTDI engine that will provide an upgraded power of 180 hp or 132 kW.

This engine has been designed as a replacement meant for the former BiTDI engine that churned out 163 hp or 120 kW. This new modified engine allows the Amarok to speed up from rest to a speed of 100 km/h in only 11.0 seconds. It provides an average mileage of 8.0 l per 100 km. The CO2 emissions have been 211 g per km.

Also, this model has an additional towing capacity which has been increased to 3000 kg in case of the manual gearbox or 3200 kg in case of the all-new eight-speed auto gearbox.

The engine can be packed with ‘BlueMotion’ technology that allows the truck to average 7.6 l per 100 km and emit CO2 of 199g per km.

In addition, to the modified engine the truck has also been endowed with several features that are new. They include parking sensors which are fitted at the front and the back, corner placed fog lights, Bluetooth connection. It rides on alloy wheels of the size of 19-inches.


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