Volkswagen Bora 2013 to be launched in China

2013 Volkswagen Bora Volkswagen Bora 2013 to be launched in China

Volkswagen has launched its latest model the new VW Bora 2013 in China. It is based on the PQ34 platform of the group. China has seen the hot selling of the Bora model. The model has the chrome inserts and angular headlights just like the U.S spec Jetta.

The Volkswagen has always given China its top priority. Hence they have decided to bring out this model in this country. The new model has loads of technological developments. It is powered by a 1.4 liter engine which runs on Gasoline. It is able to produce 122 horse powers. It is also given a new BlueMotion technology. This gives the car excellent starting and braking ability. It has a manual gearbox with Six-speed advancements. It is also given a clutch transmission by DSG.

The car is going to be launched in the Auto festival of Guangzhou. This car along with its enhanced feature will give an extreme competition to other such cars in the market. The interesting fact is that, the market of china is such that, owing to the large population of the market, this car will have to compete not only with other rivals, but also with its previous models. China is a tough market structure.

The car has been a completely European design in the interiors. It has been given wooden features which are in great demand, especially in the market of Asia. This car hence shows style with that of the cars generally produced in America. The car has special navigation system, climate controlling system and a great audio system, which makes it simply perfect to ride. The controls of the car give it a smooth riding system.

Thus, with these upgrades, it is sure that this car will be top in the lists in the market in china for quite a lot of time.

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