2013 Chevrolet Sports Car-Nascar SS

2013 NASCAR Chevrolet SS Race Car 2013 Chevrolet Sports Car Nascar SS

Chevrolet has suddenly unveiled the new sports car, known as the NASCAR SS 2013. This car was not launched in the Auto Show of Los Angeles, and has been considered as a surprising action on the part of the company.

The car has been designed in order to compete in Sprint Cup Series. It bears a very close resemblance to the Chevrolet SS. The later is scheduled to be launched in January at the North American International Auto Show. Features like the thin grilles, headlights that are swept back, as well as the violent lower intakes along with the exciting Fog lights, this car is sure to steal the show. The car also has a dual system for exhaust and tail lights that are wrapped around.

It also has a V8 engine, which gives a powerful stance to the car. It also has a rear wheel drive, that is an extravagant feature of the various models that have been taken out by the company and will be taken out in the years to come.

This model is thus going to be one of a kind and a truly exciting piece to be added to ones garage, the world waits for its launch.


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