2013 Ferrari GTE Concept

2013 Ferrari GTE Concept 2013 Ferrari GTE Concept

2013 Ferrari GTE Concept 3 2013 Ferrari GTE Concept

The successor of the famous Ferrari Enzo has finally been revealed by the Angelo Granata, who has given their version of this new upcoming model. Many people have been anticipating the arrival of this new generation car. Various rumors have been going around before its arrival. However, the revelation of the specifications and some of the details of the car has finally come out.

This brand new model is 4650 mm in length and 2030 in width. It is 1080 mm from the ground and has a wheelbase which measures about 2680 mm. in the front of the car there are projectors having double LED which have been inspired by F40. The car front also sees a duckbill nose design, which proves to be extremely useful in lowering the aerodynamic drag. It also is able to increase the downforce when the car is zooming at a very high speed on the track or on the road. The company has put a spoiler at the back of the car which is adjustable.

It has a safety cell built for the passengers, made of carbon fibers. There are subframes in the front and rear and the car comes with a gearbox having double clutches.


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