2013 Skoda Octavia

2013 Skoda Octavia 2013 Skoda Octavia

2013 Skoda Octavia 2 2013 Skoda Octavia

The brand new Skoda Octavia has set its standards being one of the most compact cars of its time. This is the third generation car that the company is producing and it has confirmed that the car features great specifications in all terms. Starting with the spacious interior, re-designed new outlook, excellent functioning capability, safety as well as comfort systems installed in it to the efficiency in the consumption of fuel has made it the most wanted car of today. What is best is the best is the fact that all this comes at a very affordable price and the company’s most valuable car. This brand of car is the life line of the company. All the good genes have been induced in it.

The company has taken care of the fact that the car has all the great features and technicalities that becomes when all the cars of the company are put together. The car has been performing terrifically since its birth, satisfying the customers with their growing demands. The third generation has been made better than one can ever expect. The CEO of the company has reported that this car is going to introduce a new class on the streets. The company has outdone itself in the making of this car from all respects. Extra efforts have been put by the makers to make the car what it is.

The car is extremely spacious. It has a saloon type look, empowering elegance like never before. This shape has been carefully merged with the hatch of the car, making it a unique combination of its kind. The company has claimed the fact that this car is their best car made. It is classy but suits the needs of all middle class people. The price range is not much and hence it has won the hearts of several customers who wish to own the car. With its extremely good features it is going to be the best car on the road in the recent times.

As already mentioned, this model is the one which has set benchmarks in all its segments. Spacious interior is an added surplus to the car which comes along with all the other functional features. The knee room and length of the car totals at 1782 mm, which is probably the largest ever made. This has been done to increase the comfort of the passengers who are inside the car. The company has deliberately kept a larger knee room for those who tend to have long legs and want to sit comfortable. Whether in the front or the rear, both the segments have optimal spaces giving the passengers adequate comfort. It is the first car which claims to be both compact and spacious. The boot of the car is of 590 liter capacity, which is enough for keeping large number of luggage inside it. The company has taken care of the fact that other features of the car are well balanced with this space segment. Everywhere you look inside the car you will find space.

The car not only has space, but the exterior design of the car is enough to stun any normal person. The design head of the company Mr. Kabaan has specifically looked into the looks of the car. Along with his team he has undergone some great changes in the looks of the car. The care has hence got a new look, elegant body shape and great stance than ever before. Its refined looks and excellent features are going to make it the most precious cars sold. You will never miss out on it when it travels on the road, such is the claim of the car company.


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