2013 Volkswagen Rocky 3-Door SUV Design Concept

2013 Volkswagen Rocky 3 Door SUV Design Concept 1 2013 Volkswagen Rocky 3 Door SUV Design Concept

Another brand new design has been lined up by Volkswagen, which has introduced a small car concept in the VW UP! car family. It falls under the category of mini cars designed and produced by the company. It has been based on the new crossover model which provides a new platform for cars having different range of designs.

The car called the ‘Rocky’ has been exclusively designed by the Spanish designer Rafael Gordo Garcia. This compact car measures 146 inches in length. It is a three door SUV with running on electricity in an unimaginable speed. The exterior of the car is extremely strong, forming a solid picture. It is easily recognized as the exclusive brand. It has a more charming and a younger look than the other SUVs produced by the company. The image of the model is extremely agile, with short proportions, having short over-hangings and a horizontally inclined hood. The exterior features are daring, giving the compact model a great stance while it is being driven and also while it has been parked. The interior of the car is not suffocating owing to the ceiling made of wide glass. The model has a very dynamic look due to the DLOs installed at various angles.

The front portion of the car has the similar features that the car company gives to all its models. It has familiar headlights on both the sides of the grilles, proving a very common face even among the crowded streets. The graphic on the doors of the car is also another common mark, while the cameras installed at various places give us the image of mirrors at different parts of the car body. Apart from its good looking image, it also has a powerful engine system, which makes the ride smoothly on the busy streets.


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