2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet

2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet 2 2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet

2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet 5 2014 Audi RS5 Cabriolet

The latest model of Audi, the RS5 Cabriolet has a great combination of dynamic power and excellent performance on the road. It is marked with great elegance and style. This brand new convertible bearing four seats has been manufactured in Neckarsulm by the Quattro GmbH. It is a unique combination of sporty character merged with the exhilarating experience of driving in an open roof car.

The engine of the car is a V8 FSI which is able to produce 331kW of power and has a capacity of 4.2 liter. This powerful engine helps the car to reach up to a speed level of about 100 km/h in just a matter of 4.9 seconds. The car has been given a superb seven speed transmission system from S tronic helps the car to give excellent dining speed on the road. The systems under the hood of the car includes other great features like brake discs made of carbon fiber, which is able to give support to the suspension, and other technically sound systems making the car a well featured model. The DRC or the dynamic ride control is installed in the car making the driving and the riding experience smooth and enjoyable.

The car also has an entertainment system attached to it. This takes care of the drivers taste in music while driving the car. The all wheel drive system from Quattro has given the car excellent features like self locking gear center crown. The system distributes power equally among the front and the rear wheels of the model. The driver of the car has a wide variety of options regarding the controls while driving. There are great facilities like the Shock Absorbing facilities which make the car comfortable to drive.

The exterior of the car has excellent finish with sleek roof open body and stylish wheels.


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