2014 BMW Z4 Roadster

2014 BMW Z4 Roadster 2014 BMW Z4 Roadster

2014 BMW Z4 Roadster 4 2014 BMW Z4 Roadster

2014 BMW Z4 Roadster 7 2014 BMW Z4 Roadster

With a great mix of the State of art technology and a great combination of the classical mode of proportions, the BMW Z4 Roadster is the true representation of the superior class of car. An upgraded version of the famous model is going to arrive in several showrooms as early as in 2013 spring. This new model is the refined version of the old classic model of roadster that has set the trends of years of car making. It has been analyzed as well as honored by all the people who understand the true nature of a car from this company. It is a mixture of the old concept along with new ones. This has kept alive the features that have the tradition of the company for years as well as fused them with the latest technology and upgrades that are the needs of the present generation drivers and passengers.

There has been developments in various spheres of the car like the exterior, which has been re-designed and made to look very new; the grand interior which has seen refinement to the fullest; the remarkable outlook with the Hyper Orange color which gives the car striking contrast to the older versions; and lastly the exclusive feature of the Connected Drive of the company which have provided a fresh look and experience to the model. All the specifications have added to the individuality and the appealing nature of this great model. With all these come a power packed performance which is hard to miss even amidst the recent developments.

Almost 25 years after the Z1 model started the roadster era, the new model has come into the platform with all its appealing features. When it first came into the market in 1987, it pleased the audience very much. The car has appealing concepts like the concept of its new doors and the great response of the handling and the agile nature. All these features brought about a revolution among the automobile industry. The latest chapter in the history of the BMW series had begun and the company was sure to lure many customers with the outstanding features of its latest model. Now, the company has revived the model yet again to bring about a revival in the old concepts with a twist of the recent technological enhancements. The older versions had won several awards for the company, and hence the officials hope that the new model will do as great as the old one. The specialty of the car is the retractable top which brings a sense of great style. The design of the car itself shows how much dedication has been attributed in its making. This dedication has left its mark on both the driving abilities and the external features of the model. With these features the car is easily recognized and hence appreciated with its elongated wheel base the classic sweeping hood, a striking low beltline and a low rear end brings an exclusive new look to the old version.

Along with this the car has also experienced a touch up in the exterior painting. With the new Orange look the car is sure to turn heads when it zooms down the road. With the new suspension and the transmission package the car provides very powerful driving ability. The interior of the car has been done up really well. Leather seats which are exclusive of the company have been added providing greater comfort. Thus, this car is a mixture of modern facilities and has also kept the old primary features going. With the new enhance ments it is sure to soar the market in no time.


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