2014 Fiat 500L US-Version: the height of luxury

2014 Fiat 500L US Version 2014 Fiat 500L US Version: the height of luxury

The FIAT 500L is due to be launched in 2014 and is being readily anticipated by car lovers all over north America. This iconic car is now back with 42% more cabin space. This means you get fore room in your compact city-friendly car. This car comes with 5 doors and can seat 5 people. The rear seat can seat three adults comfortably with plenty of legroom. This is one car you can take the whole family around in and never feel cramped. This car comes with an optional sunroof. The engine is 1.4L Air turbo engine which produces 160 HP of torque. It is an extremely powerful engine for a car of this size and this enhanced power to weight ratio makes it really zippy on the road.

This is a city friendly car that does stay true to its promises of urban style and comfort. It would certainly make for comfortable rides within the city or even for small trips in and around. Since the car does provide more space than before, the comfort of driving has also gone up. Long drives would be possible- even comfortable!

The FIAT 500L is packed with features that make it extremely safe and supremely efficient around the city. The rear view mirrors actively help to reduce glare from rearward headlights without the driver’s intervention. The halogen lamps on this car have been greatly improved for visibility. Lane change indicators are also a new feature on this vehicle. The list goes on and on! The fiat 500L’s styling stays true to it’s classic self. The rear seat is slightly raised to improve visibility for the passengers in the back seat. The size of the front windshield has been maximized and the headers have been minimized to encourage a panoramic view.


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