2014 Mercedes Benz E Class

2014 Mercedes Benz E Class 2014 Mercedes Benz E Class

2014 Mercedes Benz E Class 4 2014 Mercedes Benz E Class

With the advent of the efficient engines, brand new assistance systems and a new benchmark in terms of design, Mercedes Benz has taken a leap in modernizing it’s E-Class and has confirmed its position as the leading car company which gives true value to comfort and performance. There are also eleven new models that are making their way into the premiere in the S-class and the saloon range of models. They have a combination of both the safety qualities and the comfortable features bestowed upon them. The company refers to these classes of cars as the Intelligent Drive.

The company has a incorporated such great systems in the car which are going to assist in providing safety to the people in the car. They are going to reduce the accidents that happen to vehicles and pedestrians crossing the road. There is an exclusive Lane Keeping Assist which helps in the prevention of accidents that take place due to traffic coming from the front of the car. There are features like the anti glare head lamps which help further in giving assistance to the person who is driving this model.

With the launch of this model, the company will once again prove the fact that they are the pioneers of the car safety companies of the world. The car has also taken a leap towards ecology as well as efficiency. The brand new engine from BlueDirect along with the four-cylinder system that has been installed in the car has helped in achieving the above objective completely. This engine provides sophisticated technology of the direct injection in the car that makes the car ecological and fuel efficient. Thus, this new car is going to see several development boost that are extremely powerful that has helped the company in the design of this new model.


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