BMW M3 DTM 2013

2013 BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition BMW M3 DTM 2013

2013 BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition 2 BMW M3 DTM 2013

2013 BMW M3 DTM Champion Edition 3 BMW M3 DTM 2013

The return of the BMW motorsport in DTM this year has received enormous response and has exceeded everybody’s expectation. After 20 long years there has been some good sign, sign of comfort. The company took away several awards in various occasions. Thus, it struck gold for the company and things were fine.

However, recent revelation of the upcoming model, BMW M3 DTM by the BMW m GmbH has been seeing celebrations. This champion edition model bears looks that are similar to the racing car by Spengler. The new model will be available in the market in exclusive colors like Black metallic, which will give it great look from the exterior. The flaps as well as gurneys made of carbon, the various other elements of the car done up with dark chrome color, the wheels which are colored in matte black and various other sections of the car are extremely appealing. These features along with the other specifications have brought victory to this latest model.

The theme of the car is the same as the previous models with striped design on the exterior. It also has a roof of CFRP and a boot lid that also has the same stripes designed on them. The logo bearing the model name of the car has been put on places like the arches in the front wheel and in the decals which are at the rear end of the car’s side windows.

The interiors of the car, too, bears resemblance to some racing cars, having striped design on the door sills and several other features like the interior done up with carbon fiber. The interior also has some special features like the serial number of the car and signature from the champion and many more.

Other technical features of the car have made it the best among its types and ill rule the market.


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