Concept of 2013 Rinspeed MicroMAX revealed

2013 Rinspeed MicroMAX Concept Concept of 2013 Rinspeed MicroMAX revealed

Rinspeed is a tuning and design company from Sweden. The company has brought forth another exciting model which it is going to reveal completely at the Motor Show held in Geneva in 2013.

The design and concept of this new model has been conceived by Frank Rinderknecht, the boss of the company. He has taken care to combine the newest technology and present to the public a vehicle that enable private as well as public transportation. The model is actually pretty small so that it can travel smoothly and freely across the busy and crowded cities. However the interior cabin design of the model is so innovative that it has maximum space providing seats for five people.

The model is 3.6 meters in length and measures 2.2 meters in height. The interior layout of the cabinet enables the car to adapt to several purposes like for craftsmen or for delivering services and many more. Thus, it is extremely versatile in both designs as well performance terms. The vehicle is going to be run on electricity. Full specifications of the model will be unveiled in Geneva next year in March. The car is thus spacious giving room enough to fit five people along with their luggage.


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