Facelift of 2013 Subaru Stella in Japan

2013 Subaru Stella Facelift 1 Facelift of 2013 Subaru Stella in Japan

The car making company Subaru has recently unveiled its brand new luxurious model, the Stella 2013 in Japan. The second generation model of the car as launched in May 2011. Not much has flown when the company decided to launch the fifth generation model. It is small model for the city roads. The car has been given certain major changes in its features. Stella, which means star in Italian, is the name exclusively given to the model. The company wanted to make a car with star qualities.

The dimensions of the car have not seen many changes. It measures about 3395 mm in length, 1475 mm in width and 1620 mm in height. The wheelbase of the car measures around 2455 mm. the front of the car bears resemblance to MacPherson style and a very powerful torsion bar at its rear end. the weight of the car varies from 810 kilogram to about 890 kilograms, depending upon the type of equipments that have been incorporated in it.

The power system of the car is ruled by a three cylinder engine of 658cc. it comes in two versions- the turbocharged and the aspirated version. Both the versions of the engines give an output of about 64HP. The difference lies in the amount of torque produced by each. The turbo version has a torque of about 6000rpm. On the other hand the normal and regular version gives 7200rpm of torque.

Other basic features of the car includes an exclusive stop and start system, front discs that have been ventilated for greater passage of air, a brand new suspension system that adds on to the powerful driving experience of the model, the newly designed fascia in the front, and various other additional equipments like a detection system for obstacles.

With all these features this model will be the best mini-car in the upcoming years.


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