Facelift of 2014 Mercedes Benz E-class

2014 Mercedes Benz E Class Facelift Facelift of 2014 Mercedes Benz E class

The very first look of the 2014 Mercedes Benz E class has been leaked very recently. Although official details regarding the specifications of the car have yet not been reported, exterior and the interior photos of the car has been revealed in the internet. It is a sedan and a refined version of the E class range of models. This brand new model of the company has the famous and the most criticized one headlight on the front. This has replaced the quad set up that was done previously.

There are various other specifications that have been speculated by the people and there are various changes evident from the photos especially in terms of design. The front grilles, the lower grilles as well as the hood have been all re-designed. There are also new bumpers at the back and the tail lights of the car have also been stylized.

The engine is expected to be the usual one, from V6 having 3.5 liter capacity and producing an output of about 333 HP. There is also another engine from V8 having 4.6 liter capacity and producing an output of 435 HP. Another Engine from V8 with 5.5 liter produces 537 HP.

Further details have yet not been received.


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