New 2013 Volkswagen Eco Up

2013 Volkswagen Eco Up New 2013 Volkswagen Eco Up

2013 Volkswagen Eco Up 1 New 2013 Volkswagen Eco Up

2013 Volkswagen Eco Up 2 New 2013 Volkswagen Eco Up

The latest model of Volkswagen, the Eco Up has been proven to be the best and the most fuel efficient car of all times. This new model seats four people and requires only 2.9 kilogram of natural gas to run a distance of 100 kilometer. It also gives off lesser carbon dioxide emissions, about 79 grams every kilometer. Hence, the car is extremely cheap and cost efficient as well. For instance in Germany, it only requires 3 euro to travel a 100 kilometer in this car. The largest market available for the production of natural gas in Europe is Italy. It so happens that out here the cost of travelling in this car is lesser than that in Germany. Hence, this car has proven to be the most cost efficient and fuel efficient cars of all times. No other car has so low cost in travelling as it is in this car.

It is extremely interesting to note that natural gas is not the only kind of gas that is being used in order to run this car. This is perhaps the greatest advantages of using this car. This car can also run fuels like bio methane, which are renewable and eco friendly options of energy. Bio methane for instance is produced by the by-products of plants; it also does not spoil the food crops. Using bio fuel eliminates the emissions of CO2 completely. Hence this kind of fuel is extremely healthy for the environment.

Eco friendly options of energy have become the need for the hour as the world is seeing extreme changes in its climate which has posed many problems in various countries. Extreme weather conditions, less rainfall, and many more have become quite common. Thus, in order to reduce this and also control pollution, every person should take up the task up saving the world by using better sources of energy.


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