The 2013 Kia Pro Cee’d GT and Cee’d GT confirmed revelation

2013 Kia Pro Cee’d GT  The 2013 Kia Pro Cee’d GT and Cee’d GT confirmed revelation

Kia has confirmed the revelation of the brand new Pro Cee’d GT with five doors availability. The company is extremely happy and excited about the new model. This car will come out in Europe. The company has already shared the important details of the car and has also revealed the looks of the car in the internet. It is said that this car has been brought out as a rival to the golf GTI brought out by Volkswagen, some time earlier this year. They are bringing out both a three door as well as five door version of the same model.

Both the models have very similar features. The cars have been incorporated with a GDI engine of 1.6 liter capacity. It also has a twin scrolling turbo fast charger. The internal components have also been made stronger. This helps the car to give excellent and powerful performance. The engine comes along with four cylinders which give the output of 201 HP and a torque of 195 lb-ft. the car can accelerate at a speed of 100 km/hr in 7 seconds, which has not been able to beat the VK’s range.

However, not be fallen short are various other features incorporated by the car. The chassis as well as suspension system have been given a boost, which adds certain dynamic proportions to this model. Hence, it is not less than any other cars of the same range.

The looks of the car are also pretty good. The front ends have been given special grilles, power bumpers, Lamp clusters, front lights having LED options; glossy paint on the exterior gives it an extremely stylish and adorable look.

The car has wheels of 18 inches which provide great balance and excellent grip. They are going to be revealed in Geneva Salon next year, sometime in March.


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