The electrifying 2013 Smart Forjeremy Concept car

2013 Smart Forjeremy Concept The electrifying 2013 Smart Forjeremy Concept car

2013 Smart Forjeremy Concept 3 The electrifying 2013 Smart Forjeremy Concept car

What happens when a renowned fashion designer locks hands with the smart Fortwo electric drive? The creation of an electrifyingly new smart car for two, that is what! What Smart Forjeremy is a car that is an electric one that is sure to redefine the whole concept of mobility as soon as it gets on the road.

Jeremy Scott has always been associated with wings- it is his trademark and it has certainly been passed on to the car as well. The wings of the car are actually avant- garde rear lights that will certainly make the car look like it has a back made out of rocket launchers! The car is going to be launched in 2013 as a limited edition special car. The concept of the car was unveiled in the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012.

The whole concept of the car is spectacular because this is a team like one has never seen before. A car company collaborating with a fashion designer and actually letting the fashion designer give creative inputs about the vehicle’s body is something that one has never really heard about before! This is not just a show car but a car that is to be used on the roads so the car is not just all looks, it also promises some amenities that everybody is looking forward to.

The car has a 55kW electric motor which allows for 0-60 km/hr acceleration 4.8 seconds. The maximum speed that one can reach with the car is 125 kmph. The lithium ion battery promises a 145 km ride per gallon gasoline equivalent, without releasing any harmful emissions!

Keep a close eye on the Smart Forjeremy Car- we certainly hope the non-special edition does hit the road soon so that the public can get hold of it as well.


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