2013 BlueEfficiency Edition of Mercedes Benz

2013 Mercedes A Class BlueEFFICIENCY Edition 2013 BlueEfficiency Edition of Mercedes Benz

Mercedes has recently announced the coming of its brand new BlueEfficiency model. This is an A-Class model which will be launched very soon. The design of the car has been done in such a way that it is going to attract the buyers who are economical and conscious of what they are going to buy. The model can be distinguished from the others of its kind by a very good grille design that has been revised to bring in the new look. The LED lights that have been added to the front of the car are round in shape and seem to run even during the daytime.

It is a magnificent hatchback model and the makers have reduced its weight to a great extent. The height of the car has also been reduced which makes it look quite compact. The aerodynamics present in the underbody of the car has also seen a major improvement.

The car comes with two types of powerful engines that are placed under its magnificent hood. The A-180 BlueEfficiency model that is the first version comes with a 1.6 liter capacity engine that runs on petrol. This engine gives a total output of 122 HP which comes to around 90 kW. This has enabled the model to bring about an average of 5.2 l for every 100 km. This engine gives off Carbon dioxide emissions figures to 120 gm per km.

The engine that is incorporated in the CDI BlueEfficiency model is a 1.5 liter capacity engine having 1461 cc. This engine gives off an output of 109 Hp. This model has become the best among the fuel efficiency model by the company till date. It gives an average 3.6l for every 100 km and the carbon dioxide emissions come to around 92 gm per km.

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