2013 Ford Transit at the NAIAS

2014 Ford Transit 5 2013 Ford Transit at the NAIAS

2014 Ford Transit 8 2013 Ford Transit at the NAIAS

The new model, Ford Transit, 2013 has been revealed at the North American International Auto Show that was held at Detroit very recently. With the introduction of this new specimen model, the company has decided to do away with the earlier commercial vans series that fell under the E-series category. This replacement has been proved excellent for the owners as they come with three different sized lengths of bodies, three variable heights of roofs, and two different sized wheelbases and also with three different and very powerful engine units.

The cargo height that is offered by the model is of 56 inches and has a very low roof line. This is followed by another roof line of medium height having the cargo height of about 72 inches and third model version having a very high roof line of 81.5 inches. The volume of the cargo has a staring value of about 250 cubic feet and can be extended to about 500 cubic feet. The measure of the wheelbase is 129.9 inches and a longer wheelbase is also available at 147.6 inches. The variants of the bodies that are available are all standard and have been extended than before. It also comes with new engine variants of different capacity.


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