2013 Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

2013 Hyundai HCD 14 Genesis Concept 4 2013 Hyundai HCD 14 Genesis Concept

2013 Hyundai HCD 14 Genesis Concept 7 2013 Hyundai HCD 14 Genesis Concept

2013 Hyundai HCD 14 Genesis Concept 8 2013 Hyundai HCD 14 Genesis Concept

Hyundai finished the year 2012 with the five long years of production of the models in the Genesis and the Equus range. Now it has turned on to reveal its brand new model the HCD-14 Genesis concept that will work as the director of design for the models in the premium range of vehicles. The new model was unveiled at the NAIAS or the North American International Auto Show that took place recently. With this model the company has seen departure from the old conventions of premium vehicles. They have created an excellent sale and market growth with their previous models and expect the same with this new model as well.
The success of the previous models has paved new ways for the introduction of this rear wheel drive product among the premium vehicles. This model is the best indicator as to which direction the company is going to take in the design terms and on what points will the company be placing its primary focus in terms of technology and driving dynamics.
The model comes with a precision that is fluidic in nature. It has created a new indicator for a liquid metal design that has been adopted by the company. The quality of its craftsmanship has been conveyed through the design surfaces that bear resemblance to gemstones. The front fascia of the model holds a very bold look and is further surrounded by the metal grilles having a deep vertical opening in its midst. The corners of the hood at the rear end of the car has heat extracting features that blends very well with the exterior design and the mirror designs. The side view of the car gives the impression of a grand sports sedan which has proportions indicating greater efficiency that any of the previous models of the company.


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