2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra

2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra 3 2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra

2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra 7 2013 Seat Ibiza Cupra

The essence of the brand-SEAT has been portrayed in its purest form by the all new Seat Ibiza Cupra. With a brilliant design to stun everyone on the road, the car also delivers the best performance that is the latest demand in the market today. It is true the when elegance, comfort, performance and the state-of-art technology comes together in a car, it creates history by making the best model running on the roads. The format of the car is pretty compact, yet the model produces a great level of functionality. The car is an enjoyable one to drive and to ride. It is a great car for everyday use. The scintillating performance of the car is brought about by the great acceleration capability of the model from 0 to a 100 km/h in just about 6.9 seconds. The top speed of the car is 228 km/h. The car zooms easily across the road marking its driving efficiency. The average consumption of fuel of the car is 5.9 liter for a distance of 100 km. the car is ready to come to the market in February this year.

With the launch of this model, the company will see yet another successful model in its history. The first models of this brand were seen on the roads in 1997. Since its initial launch the brand has gathered momentum in creating an icon for the company with its dynamic performance and stylish appearance. The car has been given a powerful engine that gives an output of 132 kW. It comes with a seven speed gearbox, great brakes, and differential electronic locks from XDS and many more. Thus the makers have incorporated all the high technological developments in the car. The extensive equipments of the car have made it a great riding experience.


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