2013 Soul Shaker Edition of Kia announced

2013 Kia Soul Shaker Special Edition1 2013 Soul Shaker Edition of Kia announced

The new edition of Kia called the Soul Shaker has been announced to be revealed in the United Kingdom. This model is going to brought out by the company and sold by the dealers along with its other versions like the Soul Inferno and the Soul Quantum. One can easily distinguish this car from the rest by looking at its metallic interior that has been painted in Quartz Black or Vanilla Shake. The exterior also sees various stylish features like the alloy wheels of 18 inches.

The interior of the car includes comparatively less amount of changes compared to the exterior of the car. The model has been incorporated with comfortable seats having the Hounds tooth type of cloth. It also has a sunroof and a rear view mirror that can be dimmed automatically.

To make the interior comfortable, the company has added a good air conditioning system and for infotainment there is an audio system having Bluetooth connection. The steering wheel of the car has innovative controls on it. The car is going to be available along with two well equipped engines. One is a CRD of 1.6 liter and gives an output of 126 BHP plus a torque of 192 pound feet. The second is the GRD engine of 1.6 liters that gives a power of 138 BHP and a torque of 122 pound feet.


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