2013 V6 CupR announced by Lotus Exige at the Autosport International

2013 Lotus Exige V6 CupR 2 2013 V6 CupR announced by Lotus Exige at the Autosport International

After the introduction to the Exige S, a cousin to the Exige and the winner of various awards, both the models are all set to make their debut to the public and will be made to be another exclusive for the show at the Autosport International. The company has planned to unveil the new Exige V6 Cup R much before its scheduled debut at the show. The R variant is completely based on the Exige V6 Cup, and is yet another model perfectly suited to run on the tracks.

The two models will be revealed at the stand named 2550, located on Hall 20 on the day of the show. The car will be presented for the tracks along with its contender the Evora GT4 which had won awards previously. These cars will thus prove to be the perfect contenders to the other cars that are looking forward to take part in the race as well.

The new car has a brilliant body and aerodynamic kit. It has been given a great front splitter, rear diffuser and canards. The car is a complete package with sports exhaust system unit, racing brakes from AP and dampers that are adjustable from two ends.

The best feature of the car is its low weight which would make it fly on the tracks. The car’s inside does not include any unnecessary parts which will add on to its weight. Hence the weight of the car is extensively reduced at it misses a number of extra parts in its interior. The makers of the car have made sure to add a roll cage, a six point harness racing seat and a fire extinguisher in its interior.

The power train of the car includes an V6 engine of 3.5 liter, which is very powerful giving 366 HP.


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