2013 Volkswagen Golf Mk VII

Volkswagen Golf Mk VII 1 2013 Volkswagen Golf Mk VII

Volkswagen Golf Mk VII 9 2013 Volkswagen Golf Mk VII

The new and refined model of Volkswagen Golf Mk VII was introduced after 38 years. It means that the original model was made around 38 years ago. The compact version of a family car was revealed Berlin and later its public debut was organized at the Motor Show held in Paris. Not many cars of the globe have a stupendous history like this wonderful compact car whose number of units sold all over the globe crosses a 29 million. This is the seventh generation of the renewed model and yet has the similar standards of performance, technology and comfort to offer to the buyers and add on to the efficiency, safe driving capability and practicality.

The new version is going to be made all the more spacious than the previous version. The refined version will be offering more space to its passengers and also comes with the latest range of technical upgrades which were not seen in the previous version. Yet the smart makers of the car have managed to make the model far lighter, about 100 kg as compared to its previous versions and similar cars of its type. This in turn has made the car 23% better in terms of efficiency. Moreover, added enhancements include the various safety features added to the car that will be making the driving of the model extremely safe. This is due to the strong external structure, a comparatively lighter version and a host of standard safety features that comes along with a host of optional safety features in the car.

The platform on which the new model is going to be built is the exclusive MQB or the Modularer Querbaukasten. This platform enables the various standard features of the model and sets a very high standard of these when compared to the other brands and models in the market.


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