2013 Zafira Bi-Turbo Diesel engine for Opel at 35, 405 euro

2013 Opel Zafira Tourer Bi Turbo 2013 Zafira Bi Turbo Diesel engine for Opel at 35, 405 euro

The car company Opel has revealed the brand new engine that is going to be introduced to the models brought out by the company. It is the world’s fastest engine that is going to powered by diesel and is going to be incorporated in the seven seater model called the Zafira Tourer. The model falls under the compact van segment and is the latest introduction of the company in the market. As already mentioned this model has a great power of deliverance and is the fastest in the world. This bi-turbo engine is going to be a very powerful one and is going to give an output of 195 HP and a torque of 400 Nm. It falls under the CDTI version of engines and renders a speed limit of 218 km/h to the model, which is by far the greatest speed ever offered by any engine running on diesel. The fuel consumption of this model has taken a combined cycled path and the model will be using 5.6 liters of fuel for travelling a distance of 100 km. this proves the fact that the engine is powerful as well as extremely efficient. The engine enables the car to accelerate at a speed of 100 km/h in a matter of 8.9 seconds. The elasticity of the car has proven to be extremely good. When travelling in fifth gear the car covers a speed of 120 km/h from 80 km/h in just about 8.5 seconds.

The new and exclusive Flex7 system has been provided inside the car in order to give added flexibility. This is accompanied by the brilliant seating functions of torque lounge that gives the passengers who are seated in the second row of the car an unbelievable room for comfortable ride. The engine is going to start from 35, 405 euro and it is going to be delivered to the customers from April.

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