2014 Cadillac ELR

2014 Cadillac ELR 4 2014 Cadillac ELR

2014 Cadillac ELR 5 2014 Cadillac ELR

Cadillac has finally revealed its latest model, the 2014 ELR at the NAIAS or the North American International Auto Show held this year. It is a luxurious and stylish coupe, with a sleek design and is incorporated with the latest range of specifications like the Extended Range Electric Vehicle technology. This has been done for the first time by a luxury brand for a full lineup model. The new model is the excellent combination of advanced technologies of engineering, luxurious and comfortable interior, a progressive new design and a host of other features that makes the car one of the most eco friendly and sporty models till date. This moment holds very important for the history of the company as they have adopted an expansion in the manufacturing process of the products. The new model has been based on the Converj Concept and has deliverance similar to the model. The exterior of the model sees newer range and styling proportions which has given the progressive line of design for the model. The interior of the car has a new theme design that will be a clear director for the future models that will be brought out by the company. The interior oozes of elegance that is not only modern from every pore but also sees the latest upgrades in terms of technology and details of craftsmanship.
The model is fully equipped with the EREV or the Extended Range electric vehicle that leads the present industrial trends. This has given the car a full driving range that amounts to 300 miles and sometimes even more than that. This model serves as a great combination of driving in a purely electrical environment and delivering an efficient driving capability and under the close view of a generator that helps in this range extending capability. The new model has hence brought about a new mark of dimensions that is sure to surprise the owners of the model. Great news is that the car is going to be produced exclusively. This model will be a limited edition model of the company and hence will not be produced in huge numbers. This will be offered to special customers only.
The driving technology of the car is powered by the new EREV technology and is further supported by the REGEN on demand and other special drive modes that is going to deliver the best driving experience to the owners. It also makes use of efficiency in fuel consumption making in an extraordinarily friendly car for the modern generation. The Regen on Demand feature enables the driver the use of energy that has been regenerated temporarily from the momentum of the car and converting it into electricity and can also be stored in the pack of the battery and kept for using later. This is done through the paddles of the steering wheel that has been taken from the design of traditional cars. Thus, the EREV technology has set forth greater efficiency in the driving performance of the car. The daily commuters will not be requiring any gasoline and also will see no harmful emissions from the car. Further, a passenger does not need to feel anxious when going for long trips as the car is going to drive in the same exceptional way for long trips as well, just like any other ordinary car.
In addition to this the car also gives special features like the AT-PZEV emission technology suited or people of California, headlamps having LED light and daytime lights, wheels of 20 inches adding to its style, and a host of other infotainment features making it the best featured car of present day.


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