2014 GMC Sierra

2014 GMC Sierra 2 2014 GMC Sierra

2014 GMC Sierra 6 2014 GMC Sierra

One of the most advanced and the most powerful truck brand to have ever come to the market is the brand new GMC Sierra. With its full size pick up ability, it has become the most refined truck designed till date. In the 100 years of the company’s being, it has not seen a truck made so powerful and incorporated with such great qualities. The truck has the most coveted three Engines from the Eco Tec 3, a cabin that has been updated completely and the IntelliLink connectivity system of the next generation that has put the model up as a super cool, super classy and most wanted by the truck owners. There are several other features that have given further better qualities to the car.

The President of Marketing of the company, Tony Di Salle has said that their designers and makers did not compromise and leave anything out while making this exclusive brand of truck. They have put all their efforts while creating the pickup of this truck. This car has within itself all the qualities and power that any owner of trucks would demand in the market. It has efficiency of fuel, and various other features that are unexpected and come as a surprise and happiness to the people who are going to buy this model.

There are various standard features given to this truck along with the new design and the latest technology. These features take the car upwards and differ it out from other cars of the same kind. Starting from the very common solutions for connectivity to the system of the tie-down in the rear end of the car, from the only standard projector in the front end of the car to the various other premium features loaded in the model surrounding it, all the meticulous specification have taken the car towards being a great model to be owned.


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