2014 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG revealed

2014 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG 5 2014 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG revealed

2014 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG 1 2014 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG revealed

The E class range of 2014 of Mercedes Benz has been revealed very recently. The company has now been presenting its vibrant model, the new Mercedes Benz E63 AMG. This car falls under the group of sedans and wagon that have been produced by the company. The promise that the car makers made regarding the new model has been fulfilled completely. The new car shows an aggressive stance with beautiful styling and brilliant exterior body. The Affalterbach tuner added to the car has proven to be worthy of making the car a great vehicle.

The new model is featured with various elements that can be termed as aggressive. They are more aggressive in comparison to the previous version of the model. The car has been given four sections that will find similarity to the race car DTM. The car also has twin blade radiator grilles, which is a completely new addition to it. It also has a front bumper in the A-wing, which plays a great role in providing good impression on the buyer.

The car has also undergone great many changes. The best change that has been made is the addition of the all wheel drive system by 4Matic. This option will be provided under the standard specification of the car to its buyers in the United States. The fans who are in favor of the rear wheel drive would be disappointed in this regard.

The addition of the all wheel drive does add to the weight of the car. It just makes it extremely performance oriented and light in weight. The addition of the tuner completes all the wishes of the all wheel drive favorers, as it has yet again enhanced the performance and power of the car.

The exterior of the car as already mentioned is a treat. Hence, with this combination this model will be hot selling very soon.


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