2014 Nissan Versa Note

2014 Nissan Versa Note 5 2014 Nissan Versa Note

2014 Nissan Versa Note 4 2014 Nissan Versa Note

The lineup models of Nissan Versa have been a successful range of models since they were launched. They have been the leading producers of successful range of cars and have been the leaders of the sales and share markets for a very long time. Recently, the company has launched another new segment of model, the 2014 Nissan Versa Note. It is a newly designed and upgraded car that falls under the hatchback category and the second generation model under this brand. This model is scheduled to be on sale in the Summer of 2013 in the US.
The engine is of two brands. The first is the power plant at the entry level which is of 3 liter capacity, having two turbo chargers, and it is said to be gain inspiration from another model PentaStar V6from Chrysler. This extremely powerful engine is able to produce an output of 404 HP and torque of about 406 lb-ft. now you know why the engine is going to be the most about in the town. this engine is going to make the car drive at a speed of about 96 km/hr in just 5 seconds. It also gives a maximum speed of about 177 mph or 285 km/hr. this gives the car a semi-sporty feel about it, which seems absent in similar cars. This same engine is also going to be seen in the upcoming model of the same company.

The engine hence donates a whole new life to this model, giving it extremely good performance. The next engine brand is the 3.8 liter of the same type, which is also charged by twin turbo from V8. It also has direct injecting capacity and is able to deliver a total output of about 523 HP and a torque of about 479 lb-ft. it gives the engine a boost of about 2000 rotations per minute. This new power train has helped the new model to drive at a speed of about 60 mph in just about 4 seconds and zoom at a top speed of about 191 mph.


The magazine has revealed the fact these engines are going to be manufactured in Maranello by the company Ferrari. This engine is going to be accompanies by a transmission system enabling eight speeds. This transmission offers great speed boost and control of the car, which is proven to be better than the older version of the same model which has a six speed transmission system. Thus, we see how well organized is the power system of the car, giving it a great performance.

There will be two options for the wheel drive systems of the car. The model having the V8 engine will have a rear wheel drive system while the one with the V6 system can come with an all wheel drive system. This all wheel drive system will be provided optionally to the second model. It is going to give great torque output to the rear axle and about 50 percent of the total torque output to the front wheel system. Thus, the car has great driving options in store for its buyers.

Coming to the exterior of the car, it measures somewhat about 207 inches in length and is 76.7 inches wide. This is a bit more than what its ancestor has been. The wheel base system has also undergone changes in terms of length and width. The car thus, has been made more spacious providing even more legroom. This is better than the models with less space for the legs and the wheel base. Thus, the new model is sure to bring joy to all its owners.

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