2014 Volkswagen Golf 4Motion

2014 Volkswagen Golf 4Motion 5 2014 Volkswagen Golf 4Motion

2014 Volkswagen Golf 4Motion 8 2014 Volkswagen Golf 4Motion

The Volkswagen Company has finally taken the decision to add another exotic model to its Golf Series. The initial models had been incorporated with front wheel drive system. However, the new car that is going to be unveiled is going to have the exclusive 4MOTION all wheel drive system of the company. Hence, the tradition of incorporating AWD to the Golf models has been continued by the company. The latest version of the model is called 4MOTION. This model is going to use the new all wheel drive and is also going to enhance the coupling of the car, which is a fifth generation Haldex. The new system is going to weigh comparatively less than the previous systems. It can also operate without any accumulators to control pressure and has extremely quick and agile reaction to all the actions inflicted upon it.

The car is going to be launched in the European Market along with three different specifications sets. These are the Comfortline, Trendline and the Highline. The car is also going to have two turbo engines that are going to run on diesel. Both the engines are going to give enhanced driving system along with great efficient use of fuel. All the engines are going to be accompanied by a standard four cylinder set that is going to give an output of 77 kW and 110 kW. However, the consumption of fuel will not be much. The car will require a maximum of 4.7 liters of petrol in order to travel 100 km of distance.

The makers of the company have incorporated the latest technologies in the car. As already mentioned the car has been given the latest 4MOTION AWD system. Along with this come the incredible regeneration of battery system, the stopping and starting system and many more. Electronic differential locking system has been incorporated in the Trendline set of specification.


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