Mastretta MXT-R to arrive at Autosport International

Mastretta MXT R  Mastretta MXT R to arrive at Autosport International

Certain reports have claimed the fact that Mastretta is going to be seen at the Autosport International. The car company is going to prepare its new model called MXT-R to launch at the show. This new model is a Mexican sporty car. It is going to bear resemblance in terms of looks to other cars of the century. However, the specialty of the car is the brilliant body kit fully matched up with aerodynamics. The car has a splitter in its front and a wing at its rear end. The car has thus got very little change in terms of looks. The makers of the car are reported to preserve the looks of an ordinary sports car and hence have imparted a great sporty look to the car that looks quite authenticated.

The car is going to bear a very powerful engine system. The power train is going to include a 2 liter engine from EcoBoost that comes with a four-cylinder system. This engine develops a total output 285 bhp. This provides a strong driving line for the car. The standard version of this model will bear an engine which has 2 liter capacity and gives 250 BHP. The show is expected to be held on 10th January.

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