2013 Dodge Challenger RT Redline

2013 Dodge Challenger RT Redline 2 2013 Dodge Challenger RT Redline

The brand called Dodge is going to heat up all the winter seasons by the introduction of its new model at the Chicago Auto Show that was held this year. The new model is named as the Challenger R/T Redline. The car has been given excellent specifications and a great engine drive. The engine that has been given is from HEMI. It is a V8 engine giving an excellent output of 375HP. It also has been incorporated with a world class suspension and excellent chassis and tuning system. The car contains great dynamics and is here to meet all the demands of the fans of the models.

The appearance of the car is excellent and one of a kind. In 2012 the company had reached excellent sales and this model is based on the heritage of our car generation. The body of the car has a unique design with stripes at the side. It also contains chrome wheels that are black in color and has accents colored in red. Thus the car has explicit quality and performed extremely well on the road. Its appearance is off-beat for the present generation. The engine incorporated in it has given it the potential to give excellent performance.

The car has been based a previous model with the same name. It is a very affordable car at 29,995 dollars. It has been given complete attitude and personality along with stylish exterior and interior. The best and the most contrasting feature of the car are its extraordinary look and its brilliant personality. It strikes the attraction of everybody on road. The color combinations chosen for its exterior have made it all the better to look at. The interiors too have been done up really well. It gives a completely retro get up making it an excellent driving vehicle on the road.


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