2013 Dodge Dart Mopar

2013 Dodge Dart Mopar 1 2013 Dodge Dart Mopar

The Dodge Dart Mopar 2013 is the latest and a limited edition model that has been introduced recently by the Chrysler group. This is the fourth edition model that bears the badge of Mopar. The partnership of the company with Fiat took place in 2009. This model hence marks the introduction of the fourth generation model of the name. This car has been scheduled to be introduced officially at the Auto Show held at Chicago this year. The other cars bearing the same brand name are Challenger, Charger and the 300 versions. This new edition has been named as Dart and is soon going to be put in the plant for manufacturing. It has all the standard specifications that have been incorporated in the other versions as well. The production of the car is going to be limited with only 500 units to be manufactured.

The car has been incorporated with excellent features that are going to attract all those who love to drive. The power plant of the car includes a 1.4 liter capacity turbo engine from MultiAir that has inter-cooling ability. The outer look of the car has been given a brilliant gloss black look and has been done with Blue stripes throughout the length of the car. This look has been based upon the previous models brought out. In order to give excellent driving capability to the car the makers and engineers have included in it a brilliant gear calibration, a suspension that has been lowered by 7 millimeters and excellent tire system. The car has been given racing features as well. In has a set of excellent braking kits.

The exterior of the car includes a grille having crosshair design and the badge bearing the name of the car has also been included. The interior is the comfort zone of the car with leather seats that are blue in color and black stitched finishing.


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