2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Edition 1 Launched

2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Edition 1 4 2013 Mercedes Benz CLA Edition 1 Launched

The car making company Mercedes Benz has announced that its brand new CLA edition 1 is going to be launched and made available only for the upcoming 12 months. This new model will be delivered to those customers who are going to place the order beforehand. The model is available to the customers with the options of engine from CLA. This model can be fully differed from the other model by its high class design on the interior as well the exterior. The interior of the car has been designed based on the NEON ART that incorporated the micro and the leather fiber upholstery and the finishing is done in yellow stitches. The trimmed specifications of the model have finishing done in aluminum. The steering wheel incorporates multi functioning options and has three spokes with superior design. It has been made flat bottomed and has been covered in leather from Nappa.

There are many options for the exterior paint of the car. These are cosmos black, cirrus white, mountain grey, silver, mango, and night black. This car is going to be available in the market very soon. The front of the car has been in taken from AMG and has similar features. The price of the car has been placed at 35, 402 Euro.


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