2013 Technospace Concept of Citroen

2013 Citroen Technospace Concept 1 2013 Technospace Concept of Citroen

The car making company, Citroen has made it to be one of the best makers of cars of the MPV segment. Its great and successful models include the C4 Picasso, Xsara Picasso, C3 Picasso and the Grand C4 Picasso. The company had been the dominating leader in the market for many years producing excellent cars of this category. Its Picasso range has won the hearts of millions of people all over the world. It has sold over 3 millions of these models, taking its success story to a different level altogether. Now the company has taken into account one of the most innovative technology that is going to be incorporated into its future models. The company’s new innovation is the Technospace Concept with the help of which it has aimed to enter to another phase of the market era.

This new concept that has been brought forth by the company is going to be seen inside all the MPV models that the company is going to bring out in future. These models will be launched in the market in the latter half of this year. The new concept incorporates various new features in the car. Some of the exclusive features of this new concept include the following:

  • The lowest possible level of carbon dioxide that is emitted. This is around 98 g/km. this feature has been achieved by the makers of the company by the new EMP2 or the efficient Modular Platform 2. This feature also helps in other feature enhancement like increasing the efficiency of the architecture and the reduction of weight of the car.
  • A variety of technologies that is going to increase the level of comfort. It has touch driving technology and a 12 inches HD panoramic screen.
  • A new addition to the design segment adding on strong featured lines upon the car.



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