2013 Toyota Verso

2013 Toyota Verso 1 2013 Toyota Verso

2013 Toyota Verso 8 2013 Toyota Verso

Toyota Verso was revealed to the public at the Paris Motor show held this year. It is concept which shows the best features of the European design style and the great capabilities of the engineers of the company. This model was released along with the models called Auris as well as Auris Touring Sports. This model is one of the C segment models which has been renewed and is going to be seen in the European roads very soon.

The model has been built upon the practical, versatile and spacious concepts which are some of the demands of the generation today. It is a product which gives off great levels in terms of dynamic performance, style and comfortable ride. The company invoked their new set of design through this model. It is going to be the new identity of the company for the upcoming years. The car sees upgrades in many of its aspects.

The interior has been improved to a great extent. It shows much more comfort with the excellent seating arrangements making room for a great ride. More space provided by the model has been the greatest need of the hour. The car has also been incorporated with a 2 liter engine from D-4D, which is extremely efficient. It has lower emissions of carbon dioxide and is fuel efficient as well. With all new driving dynamics the car also has NVH levels which will make the driving experience extremely good and smooth on the roads.

There are over 470 parts of the model that has seen change. The previous version has been thus upgraded to provide this wonderful model for riding in the European streets. The European branch of the company had taken the challenge to build this dynamic model. The company has carefully planned as well as designed the model which is going to be another great revelation in their history.


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