2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

2014 Alfa Romeo 4C 3 2014 Alfa Romeo 4C

The brand new model by Alfa, the Romeo 4C version is the most functional, versatile and sporty version model till date. It is compact model having five doors facility. It has ample amount of space for luggage keeping. However, it is astonishingly light weighted, owing to the latest light weight technology of the company. The engines of the car are extremely powerful and hence very efficient. The model also supports infotainment connection making the driving experience enjoyable.

There also an assistance system installed for the driver. These specifications have set forward new standards for development and set up new benchmarks for the other models as well. The entire car’s design focuses mainly upon the essential elements of the car. Each of the technical aspect speaks for itself setting aside their appeal and aesthetic importance. This is an extremely light weight car. It provides a new dimension to the efficiency and sporty feeling in driving the car. This special technology has been adopted by the company for its various exclusive models. This has gone on to reduce the weight by about 90 kg.

The previous version of the model did not see such great a quality. Moreover the engine of the car provides power to the car like never before. Thus, the car has its weight reduced significantly. The occupant cells of the car have hotly shaped steels which have helped in the reduction of the weight. The occupant cell is now much lighter than the previous version. The weight reduction is much more significant in the interiors of the car as well. Thus, the company has achieved a great deal in the reduction of weight among its models and has seen its achievement greatly in this version. With an all new innovative design the model is soon going to be another classic example setter in the global market.


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