2014 Audi RS Q3

2014 Audi RS Q3 6 2014 Audi RS Q3

2014 Audi RS Q3 2 2014 Audi RS Q3

At the Geneva International Motor Show 2013 Audi revealed its brand new model, the new RS Q3. This is the first RS model that has joined hands in the series of the Q models. The model comprises of great practical technology that gives it the power to perform greatly even used for everyday use. Its dynamic performance is evident from the ability of the car to pick up a speed of 10 km/hr in just a matter of 5.5 seconds. The car has the top speed limit of 250 km/hr. this power of the car is driven from its special power train that comprises of a 2.5 liters turbo engine from TFSI and a five-cylinder unit. Together they produce an output of 310 HP and the engine makes the car consume an average of 8.8 liters of fuel for every 100 km.

The car has already been honored with the most powerful and the award winning engine of the year. Hence, its performance would be the best among the segments of the car. The engine forms a very special feature of the car and imparts a whole new level to its performance. Along with this engine comes the seven speed transmission system. Altogether the performance of the car speeds unimaginable while it travels on the road.

The car along with a very powerful engine unit has comfortable interior and bold exterior as well. The interior of the car has been adorned with sports seats made of very fine quality leather. The exterior of the car which comes in a Cherry Red color gives it a brilliant profile with stylish headlights and rear ends. Logos of the name have been designed both in the interior seats and on the outside of the model. Apart from this the makers have also included a great entertainment and information system for the drivers and the passengers.


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