2014 Ford EcoSport EU-Version

2014 Ford EcoSport EU Version 5 2014 Ford EcoSport EU Version

2014 Ford EcoSport EU Version 10 2014 Ford EcoSport EU Version

Car manufacturer Ford has revealed its latest model, the European version of the EcoSport. It is a brand new SUV with the inclusion of the latest technological upgrades. The new model was introduced at the Mobile World Congress which was held in Barcelona this year. This model will be incorporated with the new technology of Ford SYNC. This is the voice activation system that was included with the connectivity system of the car. It also includes the Emergency Assistance system from SYNC. This is the first European vehicle which has been incorporated with this technology. It also has the innovative AppLink that helps the owners to control their smartphone applications from the seat of the driver. This model has been made in link with its age that requires a car with latest connectivity technology. The introduction of the model at the prestigious show shows the importance of the technological development.

This is the second SUV that has been launched in the market of Europe. The first model was Ford Kuga. Plans have been going on to introduce more SUV models in the European Market. The model falls under the B-segment cars of the company. It has great agility as well as fuel efficiency that is delivered by at its best. Moreover, it adds on to the brilliantness of being a compact car for the family by the addition of spaciousness, flexibility, high position for driving and the excellent appeal of an SUV which proclaims the car to be taken anywhere. The car’s role has evolved over the years. Nowadays, the customers demand the type of connectivity options in their cars that they are able to experience in their houses. The company just needs to maximize the availability of apps in the car to fulfill the demand. This model has it in full.


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