2014 Kia Pro Ceed

2014 Kia Pro Ceed 1 2014 Kia Pro Ceed

2014 Kia Pro Ceed 2 2014 Kia Pro Ceed

The brand new Kia Pro Ceed has finally joined the hatchback and the Sportswagon of the series. This is the third car of the series and is the best model in terms of performance that has been brought out by the car company. This model is going to be available during the summer months of this year.

The car has been seated on a brand new and long chassis, being extremely wide and low, much better than what the previous model has been. This new model will have more space inside than the ancestor Forte. The car is packed with very good quality amenities, which are going to offer better performance. This new model is expected to be on sale in the showrooms in the first half of 2013.

With the advent of the new model, the bar has been raised, which gives the customers more offers and upgraded technologies. The look of the car has been made all the more catchy, which are going to appeal the next generation of customers as well. The features have been designed exclusively.

It is very stylish hatchback model available with three doors. There are two very good trim versions of the car that are available. One is the S version and the other is the SE version. The S version of this model has various brilliant specifications and the SE version of the model has added new varieties of luxury as well as comfort details on the interior.

There are two variants of engines that are going to be made available with this model. The first is a 1.6 liter engine from GDi and runs on petrol. The next is the 1.6 liter engine from CRDi that is equipped with turbo diesel options. Both the engines come along with a six speed transmission system that runs manually.


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