2014 McLaren P1

2014 McLaren P1 6 2014 McLaren P1

2014 McLaren P1 3 2014 McLaren P1

The McLaren automotive company has revealed the new model McLaren P1 at the International Motor Show held at Geneva. The company gave the audience the details about the interior of the car. The new model of the company has been based on the cars that have been inspired by the racing models.

The exterior of the car has undergone developments in terms of length and width. It has been given a sleek body to obtain great stance on the tracks as well as on the road. The durability and endurance of the car has increased twofold by giving it a great braking system. This provides the car with great control and firm grips and powerful turns. There have been immense upgrades on the driver safety of this car. Being inspired by a racing car it has been incorporated with higher safety for the person driving the car. There has been improvising made to the seats giving it great safety from dangers.

The design of the car is so stylish and dynamic that is expected to create history for the company. The company has already made records of bringing about the most unique car models all the time. With this new model it has once again proved that the company will never let its customers down.

The new edition of the model can easily be distinguished from other racing car models due to its superior qualities. The graphics of the car have been directly inspired by car races. The body kit of the car has gone through thorough revisions by the designers. There are revised side skirts added to it. Special additions to the body kit of the car include a new bumper at the rear end of the car.

The interior of the car is composed of excellent upholstery and brilliant fabric that make up a very comfortable cabin for the driver.


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