2014 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG

2014 Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 3 2014 Mercedes Benz A45 AMG

2014 Mercedes Benz A45 AMG 4 2014 Mercedes Benz A45 AMG

The brand new model of Mercedes is the new A45 AMG that has entered yet another new era. The history of contemporary model making of the industry goes back several years. This model is an extremely fascinating model that offers excellent high class performance. It falls under the compact class of cars and represents the company’s strategy, which is the new extending strategy that has been undertaken by the company that will ensure a bright future of the company and will be revived till the 50th golden anniversary of it in the year 2017. This model comes with an excellent power train that gives off an output of 360 HP and a peak torque of 450 Nm. Equipped with a 2 liter turbo engine, it has also been given a four cylinder engine that together creates the most powerful engine unit in the world.

This model has a power density of 181 HP which is greater than many of the sports car that are produced today. The engine can boast of its efficiency and has the standard emission of EU6. This model has also taken the lead in its series when it comes to consumption of fuel. It has been calculated to use 6.9 liters of fuel for 100 km of distance. This has been due to the very high level of performance that is given by the BlueDirect initiative adopted by the company. The company’s best technologies have been incorporated in the car including the 4Matic AED that has set great standards among the car segments.

In terms of design too the car excels and outpaces many of the modern day vehicles. Experience of the company thus shows in each of the models that have been brought out by it and are yet to be produced. With the success of thousands of models in its book the company never compromises with any of its models and in any terms.


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