2014 Nissan GT-R Track Edition

2014 Nissan GT R Track Edition 6 2014 Nissan GT R Track Edition

2014 Nissan GT R Track Edition 8 2014 Nissan GT R Track Edition

The new model of Nissan, the GT-R Track edition has been revealed at the Chicago Auto Show that took place recently. This is the third model of this brand and has been made extremely exclusive. The car has been incorporated with the most powerful engine of the season giving off a power of 545 HP.

This new model will be an epitome to the sporty range of cars for the company. It is a brilliant combination of an innovative design and power-packed performance. The company does not make any compromises when it comes to incorporating versatility to its models. The company has adopted a very practical approach to all the models that it brings out.

The model includes great endearing features added to it. It has been refined and proves to be far better than the old model. This model has an added positive stance attached to it. It has also been given the latest headlamp light blade technology.

It has been re-designed completely. The new exterior includes great lines and smooth finishes starting from the front end going towards the window and ending at its rear. This design is taut and gives the car a better stance. The roofline, waist-risen, and graphics at the windows all give us a hint of elegance and sporty flavor mixed into one. The roofline of the car has been extended more than the previous version so that it provides a larger head room for the passengers at the rear seat.

The car has a cargo with a capacity of 1675 liters. The rear seats can be folded smoothly using a remote allowing space for goods. The power train of the car is lead by a twin-turbo engine from V6.

This model looks excellent to be performed on the tracks as well as on the road.


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