2014 Qoros 3 Sedan

2014 Qoros 3 Sedan 7 2014 Qoros 3 Sedan

2014 Qoros 3 Sedan 5 2014 Qoros 3 Sedan

The great automobile brand Qoros has revealed yet another brilliant model at the Geneva International Motor Show that was held this year. The car that made its debut at this motor show is the Qoros 3 Sedan. This is the first car of its series to have been produced. This is a compact model that has been scheduled to be launched in China in the later months of this year. At the end of the year the sales process are going to start in European countries as well. It is also being heard that the model will be taken into the phase of pre production next to next year. In the consecutive winters the car is going to be taken away for performance tests at various locations.

It is a great car with brilliant user interface systems. The car has been incorporated with a great Eco friendly power system. It comes with a compact engine of 1.6 liter that runs on gasoline. It extends the capability of the car to run for a long time.

The refined model includes a great suspension system, powerful engine unit, a fine cabin providing brilliant comfort to the passengers, spacious interiors, nice silhouette, a seating arrangement that provides space, great pick-up, commercial ability and many more added to its rugged look.

Hence, the car falls under the passenger car segment yet with a versatile new form. The refinements that have been added to the car are such that only a few competitors in the market can match up to that level. With this model the company has plan to store its growing reputation. It is a very competent car for the market with added new features. The car is reliable for the family and honest in its deliverance. Thus, it aims to outrun the expensive cars of the market.


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