2014 Seat Leon SC

2014 Seat Leon SC 4 2014 Seat Leon SC

2014 Seat Leon SC 7 2014 Seat Leon SC

The model 2014 Seat Leon Sc has been given a very distinctive character that is carried confidently by it. This stylish sports coupe and a three door compact vehicle has the perfect blend of the style and design language of the company. With the introduction of this vehicle the company has made it sure to add spottiness to the roads that the car will travel. The car although has a sporty class and style, has also been included with the usability of everyday cars. The interior of the model has been made functional and shows a great mix of craftsmanship and talent. Innovation oozes from every pore of the model whether it is in terms of luxury or comfort or design or color combination or whatever. You name it, and the car has it all. Along with the standard specifications the makers have also input in it latest technologies and added a lot more space inside it. This provides extra comfort to all those who are driving the model. The boot of the car is of 380 l volume which is almost close to the capacity of a five door vehicle.

This model is sure to serve as the perfect icon for the other models of the series in terms of design. It portrays the true combination of the design and the dynamics that are the main characteristics shown in the company’s models. The main motive behind the release of this model is the increase in the fun driving for all those who are compassionate about their cars. This can be delivered by the model with making any compromise such as worry about everyday usability. This principle has been thoroughly followed by the model and following this the key changes have been incorporated in the car.

The car comes with excellent technological upgrades. In all its terms like the infotainment, assist system, lightweight inclusion, and a great chassis, it shows remarkable quality and brings out the true aim that has been that of the model.


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