2014 Volkswagen Cross Up

2014 Volkswagen Cross Up 1 2014 Volkswagen Cross Up

2014 Volkswagen Cross Up 4 2014 Volkswagen Cross Up

Volkswagen has decided to expand the brilliant Cross series by introducing yet another model that will release in this summer. The name of the model is Volkswagen Cross up. This model has been identified as yet another excellent addition to family style cars brought out by the company. The previous cross models include the CrossPolo, CrossTouran and the CrossGolf. The Cross for the company stands for models having their great individuality. The design of the models is generally rugged and these have a tough looking exterior. Each model has been incorporated with qualities of a lifestyle model.

The new model has been given striking features on the exterior and this makes the car recognizable extremely easily among the other models. The sideline of the car has been given black finishes on the arches of the wheel as well as the sills. A great sporty look has been added to the car by the stripes added on the door along with the name of the car written on it. Other striking features include the roof rails that have silver finishing and the wing mirrors that have been given a finishing of metallic silver color. The bumpers of the car have also been done up with silver. All the above features add to the robust look of the car. The car has also been included extra height for the ride and the exterior looks complete with the 16 inches alloy wheels having great finish.

Further details of the model are seen in the interiors of the car. The seats have been trimmed specially to make the rides comfortable. The panel has been included with latest technology support and controls that make the use of the car very easy. Fabric mats have also added on the floor to add to the comfort level.

The car has been priced at €13,925 and is going to be seen in the German market very soon.


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