2014 Volvo S60

2014 Volvo S60 2 2014 Volvo S60

2014 Volvo S60 1 2014 Volvo S60

The sporty nature of the new Volvo S60 has labeled it as one of the most dynamic, appealing and stylish car of this century. The makers of this model have made it sure to improve the look of the car in order to increase the presence of the car while it stands on the road. The model has been given an improved new design on the front. The headlamps that are located in the front of the car have been given a bolder outlook. The face of the car has thus been improved to a great extent by this new addition. The makers have revealed the fact that the eyes of the wolf were kept in mind while designing this model.

On the exterior, which has also been added with improvements, the designers have added horizontal lines running across the body of the car. This enhances the car profile while it runs on the road or it has been parked. Other finer details that have been acted upon are the inclusion of wider set of grilles, the LED guide of light located at the rear lamps etc give the car a striking new look. The car has also been adorned with very clean features all over its body and this has improved its look to a great extent.

In the interior of this model, the upgrades include the entry of new upholstery with added colors, a brand new headliner, and the metal frames that have been made as smooth as silk. The air vents as well as the light controls on the interiors are bounded by the silken frames. Overall, one feels warm and comfortable once he or she enters the car. There have been added color themes to the car which gives the customers the option to choose from a variety of themes available with the model.


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