2014 Volvo S80

2014 Volvo S80 1 2014 Volvo S80

2014 Volvo S80 5 2014 Volvo S80

Volvo has introduced new set of specification and a whole new design for its S80 model. The car has been upgraded with a very modern look and new specifications have made it extremely sophisticated car of the century. New bumpers have been added on the front and rear end of the car. The model has also been made wider in order to bring in the squat look.

The best feature of the exterior of the car is the sheet metal given to it. It has a beautiful streamlined fascia on the front. Adding to this it has a more suave design on the front that is the mark of the aerodynamic facility of the car. Altogether the car proves to be another eye catching vehicle with engineering facilities that are unimaginable. The new advanced aerodynamic design on the exterior gives a wind cheating facility. Hence the car is 7 percent more efficient in terms of aerodynamic. It also has a very light weight body measuring not more than 200 pounds more than most of the cars of this type.

The new car is packed with exclusive features like fuel efficiency, powerful drive great stability and many more. These features will help the car to grab the attention of all those who are seeking a unique car for their garages. This new model has brought about tremendous change in terms of luxury, fuel efficiency and refinement at its extreme level. This segment comes with affordability that consumers expect most of the cars to own. The car has modern, crisp lines and smooth surfaces.

Thus, this new model like all the other models by the company has been added with excellent set of specifications. A whole new developed body, a very powerful engine system and unique design on its interior. This model is sure to make the company proud with its beauty and endearing features.


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